Welcome to Flappy Gaben, please remind yourself of these things:

  • I made this game for fun and it doesn't have anything to do with Valve or Gabe Newell personally.
  • I will not update this game as much as my other (soon to come) games.
  • I do accept donations, if you donate more then $1, you can get your name in the credits (i will make donator credits after the first (more then $1) donation.
  • If you donate more then $5 you can add me on Skype (jespertenholder) and you can give me some advice for this game or maybe future games.
  • If you're a Youtuber or anyone who would like to share or review any of my games please do, and send me the link on Skype (jespertenholder)!

Thank you for playing, and be sure to check out my (soon to come) new games!